Cuddles with Puddles

puddles the clown photo

After show hugs

Last night I saw Puddles Pity Party at the Adelaide Fringe. The show was made up of the strong, crisp vocals of Puddles the clown, his dark humour and (to my delight) a screen that acted as a backdrop, running snippets from old classic cartoons as well as artwork fans have made of Puddles. And the night ended with cuddles!

Puddles – I painted this one for you!







Puddles by SmannaTales



The real life ButtBear

The amount of peanut butter consumed by two in this household is enough to frighten a small walrus (for those of you playing at home – a hint about an upcoming toon).

He’s like a favourite teddy – you start convincing yourself your teddy is alive. It only seemed fair to turn the hidden camera on ButtBear to see what he gets up too.

Find out what we saw in The Lonely life of Peanut Butter Bear

Ever wonder why your jars are sticky?

Ever wonder why your jars are sticky?


Lonely critters

Valentine’s day

What better way to spend Valentine’s day than to create a bunch of creatures… Make them lonely… And then make them spend it together.


The critters were lonely. Not any more.

The critters were lonely. Not any more.